A Whole month of nothing going on

Last day for the month of February. Of course I’m still blogging however mundane  my thoughts may be.  Yawning  as I type this. The whole month passed by with swish and blur.   I could be so much more than what I m right now.. or not. I resolve not to whine anymore. I don’t have cheese right now. I’m full of it but.. mind lacks the glib crap for blabbing.  I’m still alone. I’m going to have to do something. I guess it’s up to me.  I don’t want to be stuck in the  corner lamenting life or love or lack there of.  It’s crazy. I’m much too damn timid for anything. I should be bold and brave. The again, I don’t know what to do.  I have an idea but success rate depends on how much I really want. I want. Period.  Not lacking the impetus but  I’ll be left wondering and pondering whining road… if I don’t do something.

A usual I’m talking in riddles but if one can read between the lines it’s so damn obvious. I  wear my heart on my sleeves.  One can see right through me or how I feel.  A the same time, however,  I’m dense too.

Again, I’ll continue later,I’ll share something.  For now.. yawn.

After 30 minutes

Okay, I’m back. looking at my previous posts, it sucks.  Have I come so low that  I was sounding like a desperate hag?!? I’m crazy sexy cool. I’m artless…. nothing’s coming out of m mind. Continuation later.


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