Maybe I hope too much…

When something feels so good and right, I don’t want  to stop. I want it to go on and on and forever.   But maybe I should stop.  Maybe it’s just me feeling this way.  Maybe I’m a fool. Once again, I’m bothered by the undefined, once again.


Maybe I wish a lot. Perhaps, I’m just consumed. I’m probably  over thinking  the situation (if there is one)   when it’s not even good to do  so and there isn’t any reason for doing so. I honestly don’t know.  I shouldn’t dwell on it. Maybe I should just quell it. But,  I could be wrong. However, my hunch has always been right. Almost. In the end, I am the one that suffers and break.

My weakness is myself and my emotions. There is fragility but I tell myself that I still can take it.  And I can. That whatever happens, if there’s anything to happen, and the consequence is not good, that I only need to blame myself.   I  know somehow it will not be reciprocated. I could be wrong so I will not assume. I don’t want to assume. But somewhere at the back of mind, I can’t help. I wonder if it’s for naught again.

I don’t want it to be. I’m an optimist. But then again, I’m a realist. I hope there is reciprocation in the long run.  Doesn’t have to be that kind.


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