I’d like to dine with ‘Don Draper’

Wow, it’s been a year since I last  updated anything here. I’ve been busy and all that. I just don’t have anything to say. I do  have a lot to share but it’s all the same. I’m just bored. I dunno. Perhaps, my writing sucks. Or maybe, I live a boring life so no updates. But whatever, I’m still here and I think I have a lot of time for now (I’m not doing anything at the moment and it’s been  more than three weeks ) so I guess I have time to waste.

I do update my blog (from blogger) and  I also Twitter but I’m more of a voyeur.  And when I do tweet it’s mostly just drooling over  Jon Hamm aka Don Draper. How suave and cool and sexy and classy  the man.   I’m referring more to the he character of Don Draper from Mad Men.

Last year I  blogged about a very good article from Newsweek: Why The Ladies Love Jon Hamm of Mad Men . It’s  a long article so I suggest to click  the link. I’m sure everyone somehow agrees with why we’re obsessing with the guy.  I don’t think I’m only one.

Ok.  I’m hungry now. I need to something too.  He he. Next time again.


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