Traipsing around, uninspired

Early morning and I’m not with the other monkeyroos. Yes!

So I’m done Twittering. I mean I just twittered..well yesterday about why  Obama (a pro choice)  was invited to do the  commencement address  at a  Catholic University (Notre Dame) and I twittered and immediately  I get this “you’re ignorant” reply. What an ass .  I mean coming from a girl who follows Miley  on Twitter,  it’s to be expected.

I’m done doing my journal too. My journal is filled  like  long mundane thoughts. It’s usually about everything and nothing. Whereas my Twitter is just your 140 characters of I’m not-doing- anything- so-I’m gonna- twitter type of text.  So back to my journal, the entry is about my extreme dislike  for someone who is cold and unapproachable…monkeyroo. .

So after twittering and doing my journal, I went to my blog which is like my social commentary musings (click the roll if you wanna read).   I blogged about love and devotion in the face of seeming death.  Then  after that, I went to my Flickr,  checked to see my group and and debated whether to  upload.. but in the end since I’m somehow more like  a comment whore ( but only to those I want and I like), I just left  praises for my favorites.

Man, I have  lot of online crap. And here I am now. This  is more like my abode and  my personal crux of thoughts. I hardly write in here. I’m not as good as I was before. I know I can be if I want to.  I just have nothing to narrate though.  I’m a broken record.  I don’t want to write anything angsty or depressing just so I can write something. But somehow I  feel like I’m more good expressing when I’m in a despondent mood.  So many vast emotions coming out of me that I tend to just babble a lot.

You know what… there is absolutely no substance to this post. Honestly, I’m enumerating what I did yesterday.

Because my life is one big unexciting piece of junk and this is the evidence. Posts about nothing. I’m uninspired. Can’t seem to write anything even when I want to.  I hardly say anything but my mind talk  so much to me.

Next post I make, I’ll break the monotony.


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