Elevate My Mind

I’m still awake.  I’m sleepy but I cannot seem to fall asleep earlier.  It’s one of those moments when you just want to willed your self to sleep but no matter how much you try, you just can’t.  It’s past 5 am. It’s drizzling,  the wind is somewhat cold.  Window is open. I’m listening to music. I’ve been staring at the screen. Just staring. I’m weird that way. This is when it hits you.. me rather. Not having anyone. No partner, companion. No one. Looks like I’m going to whine again. I’ll try not to. My post are always the same.  Posting kills the pangs. I guess.

I don’t even write the way I used to before.  There’s just nothing to say.  I’m  the most boring person that one will ever meet.  I speak a lot but only to myself. My mind talks a lot to me.  There’s ‘s no one to exchange ideas and trade opinions about everything.  No glib talking. No witty retorts. No articulate tirades mixed with social crudeness  and yet intellectually stimulating my mind.  There’s just no one. No man to spark anything.   I’m a  recluse.. in a  way. My mind is craving. It needs to be aroused.

Discerning things  and discussing in depth  imflames  passion. Intellectual  hunger growls.

I know  I only make sense  to myself.  Like I said, I used to write better than this but what’s there to say anyway?  Nothing. I just post what I miss. What I want.  What I feel.

Radiohead’s No Surprises keeps me company.  Over and over.

Good morning.  I’m sleepy now.


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