After a while…

I’m still feeling the same. Oh great!  I’ll probably psychoanalyze myself again. I am my own social therapist.

I’ve been doing nothing and everything and feeling the pinch but not doing something. I want to. I’d like to. I’m afraid. There’s no one. There’s nothing. I dunno. I suck. Really.

I should have the guts but I’m only of small animal. Meek and mild and too damn timid to even try. But what’s there to try and do. It’s not my friggin’ job.  I don’t think I can be that affront. I can but not to the point of losing dignity.  I’m not that desperate though I admit sometimes I think I’m becoming one. Ha ha.

I wear my emotions.  I hate that when I like, I can be transparent.  However I pull aside because hands are tied. Not mine though….. still I can’t do anything.  That is the problem. Can’t cling nor  can’t hold on. I’ll  end being the foolish one that I am.

After while.. I have nothing to say. It’s always the same anyway. I’m longing.

Wimp.  I am? Nah, someone else.. perhaps. He he.  What the hell is wrong with men?!


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