I need a smoke, a drink and good f*ck

Thinking a lot about things right now. I ought to sleep but even when I know I have to get up early and do my slave monkey duties, I still do this thing. I never learn. Too much thoughts in the head plus I’m not yet sleepy. Shit. Like I gotta make up some excuse why I’m making a journal entry. It is mine after all. Nobody reads this except for those people  searching for something that connects them to this site. Bah.

So the thoughts inside my head…I feel funny kind of good in sad way. Giddy. Somehow I still struggle with the fact that I usually  cum?  er,  come this close but it’s never  always up to me. I feel it  yet I don’t really sink my teeth  to the bottom of the whole thing.  I know in the long run, I would be like the cat or maybe the kitty reduced to purring. Whimpering.  I’m silly. I’m a fool.  I always feel like I am, anyway.   I don’t know. I can only shrug my shoulders.  The circle is not perfect square but it can go round and round and that’s infinite. I wanna roll down paradise, bodies intertwined, and in the state of blissful love (dirty) affection.

Blunt vagueness.  In between the lines, the allegory of my mind and the heart craving for tender oblivion.


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