The Heart is still a Lonely Hunter

I’ve always used the phrase as title and often as part of entries I make. I guess it says a lot about how I feel, how I am at the moment for even for the longest time. Not hunted. Barely, in fact. Not hunting. I’m not. I shouldn’t or should I? Let it be and just be still. There’s a misconception that if a girl is somehow looking for a love from a man then it’s a sign of being desperate. She would do whatever to have and to hold and become united in faith or have a blessed union out of that desperateness. There is nothing wrong in aiming for the comforts of physical desire emotional love. Things come and go. Men come and go… away. Men who thinks they are needed because girl will do anything for that love and comfort she needs. When something goes wrong.. they leave. The hunt goes on again. Girl hungers but doesn’t do anything. Barely even tries. It needs to be real and not forced.

I never look nor do I scheme things to attain any kind of comfort..physical or otherwise . I’ve not been that desperate enough to lose my ideals.

No matter how much I really care.. I always end up being the fool. I actually feel that I am and have been. I dunno.

Babbling boredom at work.


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