Sense and Sensibility Sans the Stranger

I haven’t seen the stranger I had almost fallen for. I don’t get excited anymore, anyway but when I think of those times whenever I would see the the stranger, I get giddy and all senses just goes into full gear. I be conscious and shy at thesame time but bold enough to do something without getting aggressive. I’m hardly one. After getting the changed schedules, I was able to see the stranger about twice but after more sightings. The initial and over the period of time seeing this stranger made me feel for the yearning. Since the stranger faded away into oblivion, I no longer feel a virtual madness and my feelings of overtly crushing..crushed. To put it accurately, I was in dreamland fantasy that this stranger I kept seeing would materialize into someone I could bond with.. in different ways. Insane reality is what it was.

There is another one that makes me feel giddy. If the stranger was just that, this one is just as thesame in ways even though I know the name..just the name though. My senses and the sensibility I have is intact so I know nothing’s going to break the state of equilibrium. Yeah.

For all the that I felt for the stranger or for anybody, it doesn’t even come close to the one I really longed for. It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten and I always keep coming back to how it was. I yearn. I still am but sensiblity of the mind and reality check of life brings me to a grinding halt.

I’m sensing something now….I’m craving for ice cream. He he.


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