Seducing the stranger inside my head

To satisfy my hunger beecause I just can’t seem to stop thinking of ways to know and to find out and the net being the encylopedia of everything, I decided to to search..but it was in vain. How can I? I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t know anything..not the name, not what kind of work. Nothing. Nada. Not a thing. I only know the face and the physical stance though I haven’t been able to look directly. I’m just embarrassed… to say the least. In my head I’m flirting with the stranger I see everyday. Same time, same spot. I’m shivering with anticipation every time and 9ts enough to make me cry out in ecstasy whenever I would take a glimpse.

Waiting alone for the train, seated on the bench,.. dress in black; the shirt/jacket, the pants, shoes even the backpack, it’s fucking sexy. I recall the two times I came close to the stranger… once while trying to buy a (prepaid) load from a nearby kiosk, I didn’t even notice somebody behind me. The stranger bought a ciggie. I had no reaction but knowing the fact that the stranger was behind, I felt like wetting my undies so to speak. I was excited my heart was racing and thumping the beat. Boy, was I really feeling the heat. I couldn’t wiped the grin off my face. The second time around is similar to  the first time, only it happened inside the station. I was also buying load from the kiosk. Again he was behind me . Maybe going to buy a load too. my heart was racing and pounding as usual. I actually decided to get a load cos prior to that I had already seen the stranger standing outside just before riding the escalator. My plan worked. Yes! I got close to the stranger in way that made me feel silly. Silly but the good kind. Anything to satisfy the craving for the mysterious stranger. Heh.

Oh but the thing is, no 2 o’ clock ride for me anymore. I feel crap about that but I have been wanting a time change’s alright. I’ll only get to catch a glimpse of the cryptic figure during my time off .. and that’s if I go out, ride the same train and get off at the same station. Well, who knows, perhaps I’ll see the the stranger. There’s always kismet.


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