Setback for Sergio once again

Its like flashback a year ago to Carnoustie, in contention to win first Major of his career and then snap! a swing a hit (on the pin) and missed hole. Just like last year, I stayed all night (2:30 a.m. till 8 am) just to watch and see Sergio try and and win his first Major but alas, an Irishman, Padraig Harrington beat him. I was riveted to the screen. I’m like so damn cheering on Sergio… shot for shot for shot he and Padraig were battling for the hole until an unfortunate swing by the the Spaniard on the 17th landed in the water and had to take a relief (I think) and then to the 18th bunker shot..and he makes it on to the green but couldn’t save the par. I knew it. He loses the chance to lift trophy. Pity.

The grass is green he didn’t win. Poor Sergio. He loses but  shook hands with the champ. Deep inside you know he feels bad. He keeps insisting that he isn’t. He’s not gonna admit it though. I mean, the more  the press keeps on harping about how he’s so close to winning and then choked and all that in your face questions, the more he gets curt. Of course he’s disappointed.

I am too. I probably should’ve slept and just watched the replay but I stayed the whole wee hours of morning watching the final round only to see and feel for Sergio.

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I remember back in 99 feeling thesame for Jean Van de Velde. Who could forget that? he choked, losing a play off or something..collapsing so to speak at the British Open. It was like the saddest day. I swear. You couldn’t help sniffle a tear or two.

Well, Sergio (a teen back then) cried actually..well, because he missed the cut. But it’s also the year he was like running and jumping and chasing Tiger Woods with a all enthusiasm of young boy during the PGA Championship.

Anyway, a bottle of Corona to console Sergio while Padraig have Guinness to toast.


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