She still exists but she’s gone..

It’s ‘brutal!’ Because she hates. Envious that somebody else mattered more than hers.

Here lies fetters of the past of the young girl alone who used to have a mind, was a mere casualty of apathetic convenience. She carried something inside her heart and mind but now realized it doesn’t matter. She could fucking care less.

Once upon a time there exist a girl. Wisked into lifestyle that is only hers, she lived in the box which would become the virtual insanity of her world. It was here where she once had a life. A life that felt good…once upon a time. It was perfect. However, a steady stream of people started coming in and out (of her life). Some staying, others going. Some just wanted free parking. She didn’t mind. She needed the respite from her daily self meanderings; to stare, and be as nonexistent as possible. With the ensuing years that followed she was content even though she felt a pinch. It hurt but she recovered only to realize, she still feels the twinge. She learned how to cope up with everything during the years of her existence.

That’s all there is to it now. She still is alone.

She knows one thing for certain.. the one thing that makes her happy is the one thing that makes her sad.

The word impossible ringing in her ears. Somebody else matters and she know it’s not her!

Fuck. Nothing could be cornier than this post. Truth does make me cringe as the protagonist speaks of herself and her profound bastard feelings. Something like that.

I hate.


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