In his arms she fell as her hair came down…

She radiantly saw the heavens glare..  or glow of melancholy sweetness as she felt safely tucked and lovingly in the arms of the one that matters. But it hasn’t happened and there’s no one. Well, there is..or was..or will be. Who knows. .. it’s all just wishful thinking of wanting.

What she would give to hold on and to be able to tugged at the sleeves.. Give it a gentle pull. She is consumed with pleasure as the little bits comfort cheers her. She glows and bloom whenever thoughts would invade the ineffectual mind. A grin that would form a smile that gives a happy sigh of contentment.

knowing all to well  there was something of a nothing, she thinks it can never be. Will never and she’s always right, anyway. She really can’t do anything. She was and have never been a part of anything. In some way yes, she has been but it’s minimal. What’s there to be of. She would like that to think she matters but really..she doesn’t.

She who’s always so sickeningly indulgent with the tender whining of herself can only shake her head and give in to the infernal whims. Sadly, silly in a sense as well, it’s the about the only thing that keeps her sane.

Fuck. She fell deep into the vortex of her on hollowed longing.


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