Pink bullets for the Skye

Last day of the month and first day of the damn period. To hell with ‘bloody’ visitor. My tummy hurts. Have a slight headache as well. I have this Pissed Mental Syndrome whenever I’m PMS’ng. Yeah! nothing like announcing it to the whole blogging world. I’m so damn mundane about things. i feel crap for goodness sake. I’m allowed to bitch about it. Want someone to rub my tummy and kiss the ache away. As usual there’s no one. And no, taking midol doesn’t help.

Actually I’m just insanely depressed. I’m always insane and depressed. Not that kind of depression where I’m liable to fuck things up and hang the imbalance of life or something. I’ve only been ‘depressed’ as just once anyway. I’m mostly sad. But I’m dense so it doesn’t really show. I cried earlier just before doing this entry. I’m irritated and pissed and sad and lonely and longing and having some kind of emotional crappyzoid moment. After while, I’m fine. Sometimes the more I try to stop the flow the more it constrict the frustration inside. Better let it all out, I guess.

I attended a wedding the other day. Nothing fancy. Which is good. Vows of matrimony and and the whole service should be solemn and not be so damn ostentatacious. But it was real simple. I think because it was a rushed one. She got married to a Canadian and considering that the guy has the bucks, I felt the wedding could’ve been organized much better. Only a handful came from both the bride and the groom’s side. And also there were like couple of sponsors. That’s it. I mean It’s a complete wedding rites.. just was lacking in organization. the reception was plain one. But I like the buffet though. It was just so totally different the previous ones I’ve been.  When I attended my cousin’s wedding it was grand somehow  in the sense that it was simple yet elegant. A garden wedding with orchestra playing the violins (think music from from God Father). Really nice and romantic.


Heh. Weddings. A bit reticent with my thoughts now. Always am, anyway. It’s early morning now. I’m getting sleepy.

Ahhhhhhh. Nothing. I’m somehow stretching here. I wish I have someone right now to cuddle. There is a missing piece.


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