These are the moments we thank God we’re alive

Celebrating  special day  Another holiday that should be like an everyday occasion, actually.  Last Month was Mother’s day. This month, today, it’s Father’s day. Pace of life and everything, I guess there needs to be a day where we can  have them feel extra special hence the holiday  for them.

And because you know who you are, Happy Father’s day to you who left Manila to find the greener pasture but instead have had to contend with awful longings of family you left behind. Not by choice but of necessity. The need to able to give more. To have more..then again..

The road to recovery and rediscovering what life is like without the family and being alone in foreign land, is path too hard for some to handle. Depression and the the thoughts seeping through (un)stable mind pushes one to the brink of being sanely insane. Yet If one looks at the depth of longing, one can understand why such misery makes the man think of doing something irrational. Somehow it takes it toll and you thought to your yourself, there is valid point in there somewhere..still, it’s never a question of validity nor of consoling one’s self by thinking of doing something that would even make the longing much worse.

The best thing a Father can give to his children is his presence. Being there.

Celebrate this day by feeling good and not absorbing all the loneliness and the pain and sorrow of being away. It will only make one strong and have a realization that children way smarter than you give them credit for. They feel what you feel. So don’t go around damning yourself. Then again.. you’re only’s not an excuse though to go about carrying a heavy load of misery.

But who am I to say how one should feel? I don’t know anything.

And as for me, I don’t talk about my father. He left. Came back in a coffin. Thats it.


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