Bothered, and it’s makes me want to laugh…

Because it’s silly and I am one. ..I guess.

Fuck. It bothers me that I’m fucking bothered. It’s only dam comment but still, I’m pissed? I dunno if it’s the right term..for now it is. I shouldn’t be but.. maybe the thought that somebody else must be closer to the one that I sort of “worship” gives me a pain in the heart. And the mind suddenly feel enraged. But I’m dense. Cold fucking unfeeling bastard..but then again, I used to say and I’ve always said..if it doesn’t matter then I wouldn’t be thinking so much about it… and be feeling pissed. It’s too shallow really but sometimes you can’t help it.

So I looked, I saw. Felt bothered that there is somebody out there that probably has a hold on to to the mind and heart and the friendship that I have had for a long time now. That may be I shouldn’t be presumptuous and assume that I am up there way beyond what could be considered as just sort someone to chat with and kill time (somehow).

For a while I thought, hey it must’ve been for me.. but after seeing the recent ‘welcome’ comment. I figured, shit, I did assume. . Reading what was written, I figured..ah wasn’t for me. I knew anyway..then seeing that ‘fuckwheat’ “you’re welcome” comment made me realize, damn, I knew it was for that one. Well, cos what does one say to a ‘thank you’ but.. you’re welcome.. so that’s who it was for. Oh well, must be really super close to the writer. And an I’m jealous? Hardly. But I’m bothered. Yes, enough to make an entry about feeling bothered. I’m not even sure if it’s he or she.

The hilarity of the situation is that..all three sort of assumed..or maybe just two..or maybe one. Ha ha. Flattery for the writer….yes? I suppose.

I’m damn knackered. It’s ok. I don’t care, I don’t give a damn. It doesn’t matter.

The name rhymes with fuckwit, anyhow. If the person is the one and is close to the the writer so be it. I’m just a mere Skylark. I’d rather be in the background anyway. Cloak in obscurity.

Fuck. This is my blog, I can damn well say whatever I want.


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