A mighty heart

Damn rain. Makes me weepy and sad. Yeah, sure blame the the weather for my miseries. Loneliness sucks me deep into emotional annoyance.

I feel empty. I can’t quite make out make why I feel so other than I have my damn period.

This thing I’m feeling, this thing I’m (not) doing, I hate but I like. I’m drawn but I try keep a check of myself.

I’m craving so much. Craving for that thing that is lacking. There’s no one though. There is, there are, but most are tied. I have no right, really. It’s not my place to demand. Never will I do so. I am just a girl who just stays in the background. But it’s fine with me. I’m afraid to reach, but I want to. I’m doing so with just a bit of hint…or maybe too much of it. It gets irritating and annoying to others that I’m left to.. reach out again. I like it really. I care hence I do so. But I know when to just take things as it is. I’m just here anyway. That’s probably how it’s all ever gonna be. I’d rather choose that than be the cause of anything that will break something.

To hell with emptiness. I can take things. I’m fucking tough! Yeah. I am what I am no matter how I feel

Oh such brave words, eh? He he. I have frigid feelings. Everything about me is dense. I’m a cold fucker. If I feel. I lose. But what is there to lose? At what point do I stop and say.. get the fuck over yourself, Skye? Ha ha. I know I’m so hard headed. One day I’ll know I’m gonna be on somebody’s knees and get the spanking of my life. Fuck.

Not again. Having self indignation here for all these thoughts.


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