Requiem for a sad goobye

It was exactly two years ago today that supposed ex ( I really dunno what the status was..even up to now) left to go back home. It was good 14 months of being together but since being left, abandoned, forgotten and ignored, I don’t really feel anything anymore. Of course I always wonder. I want to know whatever happened or or how is the present situation. I tried communicating IM, via email and call to cell phone. All has been ignored. I guess he got back with the wife. When we were together, he wanted to divorce (they were already separated by then) but perhaps it was just words. Probably didn’t mean to. I really wouldn’t know. There was hardly any pressure from me. I rarely get involved anyway. I was just a sort of ‘the girl.’ I received a lot monetary loveĀ and I know anything given was from the heart and meant for real so I really don’t wanna complain or bash… but still, confusion reigns.

I still have the SMS that was sent before the plane took off. ” Smile, you’ll be in Atlanta soon”. But it never happened. There were still calls after that but the last communication I had was first week of ’07 So yeah . I have been forgotten, I know. It’s alright. I’m not bitter. Never have been. Never was. I always somehow knew love was real although I had a sense that it’s a different kind of “love”… Intimacy and all.

I’ve moved on. Gone back to my usual routine and life. Honestly, I dunno what I’m blabbing about. Re living the past brought the unintelligible piece of crap.


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