Scorching heat yesterday. I felt like the whole open space was a big skillet iron and I’m being cooked. Yeah, the heat was a bitch. It was so atrocious, really. No wonder so many Europeans and other foreign nationals visit the country, they love the fricking heat that they don’t have. I hate it.

More apathy right now. I’m wasting time and I feel even more bored than I was yesterday. So I’m here. So what? So nothing! The internet is boring. I’m really not doing anything except stare at the monitor and type this entry and wait for my downloads to finish. Unlike in the years past when I would feel excited and can’t wait to log in and chat and do all the internet browsing, now it’s different. There’s a blissful boring of nothingness.

Listening to music and making entries and wring has comforted me hence I am still here. I can’t even think for I am sleepy. I miss those days when everything was all fun and relaxing and I get to meet people online and just talk anything . There are social networking sites, I know, but…I’m not into those and the only one I have is Flickr. But even that has become of a bore. I haven’t posted any narcissistic shots of me for two years now, the last one was December of 2006. I can’t think of anything to write about. Mind and body is bored.

Yawn. I’m the girl alone.


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