The dream raped my mind

I had this awful weird dream and was crying when I woke. More of being scared. But the weirdness was, I’m actually shouting “my passport, my passport”.

In my dream I was in the hospital visiting my mom or doing something else..I don’t know what it’s not even a hospital. It’s vague. I can’t fully describe. It was close to midnight when I decided to go home and i hailed a cab which turned out to be like tryke (motorcycle with sidecar) but with a sliding seat. In my dreams I was confused as to why I was riding that contraption. So anyway, I sat inside and a balding geriatric was was driving that crap and I gave the place of my destination. In the dream, he had a white hair and he smelled drunk and after of driving he turned to an unknown street, and dark corner which made me suspicious and I was sort of panicking but I still was cool cos I don’t want something nasty to happen with me. I’m not even sure if the tryke stopped but the shitty old man sat beside me ever so fucking close and I was really really scared and he started talking nonsense gibberish so I just obliged and listened and then waved some paper or trying to tickle me with a paper. And since I don’t want to be knifed I started to indulge and go with whatever’s he’s talking about, ocassionally asking something about what’s a good drink and I dunno..until he started to get back to drive the tryke again and when we reached part of the street like somewhere around a corner, I saw the house of my classmate and I was shouting “help, help” I jumped out of the tryke leaving my things and started to head for the house. There was lot of people in their house and they all looked at and I told them about the incident and they went out and looked for the guy and I was scared to death. Eventually they found him and they knew him and I said my “my passport”, “my passport” and that’s when I woke up screaming and I just started to cry and I couldn’t stop. But after few minutes, I calmed down. It’s obvious why I had the tears. Something almost nasty, like touchy-feelly thing happenened. I sudder at the thought. What a fucked up dream. The weird part is that, I was worried bout my passport because it’s the last thing I was shouting about. I guess that’s why it’s called dreams. I don’t know why it turned out like that but I know why it brought me to tears. It’s because is was awful.

So I woke up crying I wanted to have someone with me to sooth my nerves and tell me everything’s alright. But there was none. I was alone and all fucked up from that shitty weird dream. Sadness replaced the scary feelings I had and it made me longed for someone. But I don’t have anybody or someone to be with. I’m am and still will always probably be my own comfort. It sucks, sometimes :(

It’s depressing.


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