The Skye has risen as well

Early morning nothingness. I am good though. Could be better but I’m alright.

Finally, I bought myself a new computer. I was thinking of getting a laptop but I figured what would I need it for. I don’t go out as much anyway and when I’m at home, I’m usually here in my room.

I still like my old one. It has sentimental value but I don’t have it anymore. For 11 years though that trusty old pc was my best friend. Everyday I would come home from school and first thing I would turn on is the comp. I blog, do my journal, listen to my mp3s, download some more, chat forever and gained enemies but made friends as well and met about 3 people for real. I would do my homework, I would fall asleep and still I would online and having fun.

I have new one now heck, it still thesame it functions as my ever trust best friend. Fuck loser. Ha ha

My body hurts. It must be from hauling off boxes. Sucks when there’s no one around to help you carry a heavy load. Double entendre there and more. Both my arms are sore, and I have bruise on my right thigh. Damn. I need some tender loving fucking care. Rubbing the aches and soothing the pain and pushing away the sore I’m feeling. I feel the bruise. Anne said she took it upon herself to look after herself and so have I. But if you’re alone feeling the aches and and the pain and the bruises, it’s tedious and tiring to always take care of your own self. Fuck. I wish to be pampered once in a while.

Shit. The ballad of the sad Skye. All I can do is just shake my head and sigh.

Depressing entries sells. Mine doesn’t. But I am feeling good so enough with the mood. I’ve risen from all the angst driven crap I seem to have. I’m feeling alright. Hey, I’m doing what In do best–wanking my mind with (un) intelligible, inaudible musings that really has no meaning. I’m happy. I’m writing again and making entries and I have new luxury but same old best friend. But I wish…… I wish….. never fucking mind. It doesn’t matter.

Today being Easter Sunday, I’m gonna have a happy day.


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