My dreams of Mama

Lately I’ve been dreaming about Her. Several day days ago I had a dream about Mama. I can’t remember the exact scenes from the dream I only remember the part where Mama was included. The other day, she was in my dream again. I gave her a mocha cake. She was talking to me it’s as if it was for real. After several more weird scenes involving other people I found myself waking up.

I haven’t forgotten about Mama. I always think of her. Maybe these dreams are signs that she misses me. Us. We miss her also. Always.

I always wonder what life would like right now if my mom was alive. Shopping, dining out, going to different places travelling here and out of the country. Celebrations of events and holdiays would’ve been totally fun. It’s different now. We still do thesame things because Mama would want us todo what we normally be doing except without her.

This coming October we will mark Mama’s 5th year death annivesary. I can’t believe it’s gonna be five years. But life has to go on. And it is.


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