I could be so much more than this

I am content and satisfied….

Well, not really. I know I should and I am..somewhat. I know I could rise up to my own expectations. I shouldn’t be complacent. Actually when I say content I mean I don’t have to worry about certain things unlike before. In the past I would just whine about miseries. I had to dig deep and shake some sense into myself believe that all will be okay. And it is. It has been. The shits of life has slowly faded and it’s turning into a rosy one fully blooming. Wish I could say thesame for the heart. Hehe.

The heart is dry. It’s not bleeding. It doesn’t feel anything. It does feel but only when I see something that makes it beat more and gives that extra kick of a pump. Giddiness is kind of one way though. It’s okay. I don’t care. I’m fricking dense anyhow.

Grr. Damn street kid beside the atm. Im kind of irritated right now. I can’t think. Gotta go.


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