Nothing bubbly, just random babble

Bye 2007. The first half of that year felt like I’m grasping for some air. I tried to steady myself and hold on to whatever else I have. Nothing. if you ask. And no one too. I felt that I need to hold onto something. I am my own comfort and strength (besides God of course..yeah, catholic girl that I am). But I persevered to ease nagging helplessness and so the last half of the year I was rewarded with a sense of comfort.

Sometime during the last three months of the past year, I felt good without being depressingly crap. The bonus part…I saw without seeing. I felt without having touched.

I’m feeling giddy. You can’t put price tag on memories after all ( I’m corny, sue me!)

More, more. I want more. I know, I’m so vague.

It’s now a spankin’ brand new year. I don’t have resolutions. I don’t make one and I don’t list. I’ll leave that to people who likes to make promises to themselves and then reneges on them. Half way through the year they’re still trying to figure out the list they made and resolving how to better themselves. By time the year ends you wonder, have they accomplished anything? Well, they’d be asking that questions soon.

Actually if I make list of resolutions, everyear it would be thesame. I don’t know what they are though. Funny, there’s so much but I can’t think of any. And I always make thesame entry every start of the year. Something about resolutions being fake wishes. But are there no fake ones when it comes to wishing something unless of course it’s something so vile.

Nevermind. I’m just babbling here. I don’t think anything meaningful (huh..there’s none, skye!) I post here(or anywhere else) will have an impact on world peace or something. Heh.

Cos I’m on the outside I’m coming in… *continues to sing inside my mind*

Hmmm. Did I mention I feel giddy? I do.


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