The aftertaste of past

So guess what I’m doing right now? Adding some code stuff to the site. Not doing much here. Not yet done but I’ll finish it soon if I don’t get lazy.

The other day I went to the mall with my niece and nephew. I spent a lot cos we ate a lot. I wanted to treat them Global Fun but they didn’t feel like it. The mall was better alternative anyway. I bought them presents and emptied my pockets in the process. It’s okay, I got to spend time with them which is really the main thing I wanted to do.

Talk about eating, I remember couple of years I had dinner in one of those upscale restaurant and I ordered iced tea (lemonade or green tea I think) and all I got was measly fricking small glass. You would have been irritated, I swear. Drink wasn’t even refillable. I should have gotten Big Gulp from 7-11 instead. The food wasn’t that great either.

Still on the subject of food, Christmas Eve feast was a gastronomic. Noche Buena was muy delicioso. Food served was appetite for bulging bloated calorific delight. I felt like fatso afterwards. I didn’t eat anything the following day. Got hungry dinner time though.

The Media Noche (New Years Eve feast) is just a day away and there’s still leftover food from last week. Nothing like eating some more and gaining extra pounds.

Yesterday I did something that made feel happy in a melancholy way in away that only I would know. Could not stop thinking. I crave a lot. I wasn’t searching. But I wanted to see. I resisted the urge. It just felt like invading but….it’s like tugging at the past without really having one.


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