Trying something new, being artless

Since I couldn’t remember my user name and password from my old journal, I made a new one.

So what’s my first post? Nothing. All I’m gonna have here are journal type personal musings. I have another blog but I mainly use that for social two bit nonsense and punditry. This site will be more like my so called life that really no one cares about but I like to write anyway hence this blog.

So first entry… I feel like bloody piece of crap. My period makes me ill. It sucks to bleed..especially after the holiday feast. See whenever monthly visitor arrives, the first two days, I don’t feel like eating anything. Bummer.

I wanna go shopping. I’m not into retail therapy but I feel like getting something from the mall. Funny, I’m the least artsy (or is vain the right term?) woman I know. I mean, I’m not really into clothes but I do like to have good ones. When I go out, I’m not really concern how I look but I make sure I’m decent and well… meaning that I just didn’t get out bed or go to the mall looking like I’m just in the living room of the house. Heck, I don’t wear make up. I’m too lazy to even spend time staring at the (compact) mirror and making sure, foundation is even or lipstick not smeared and eyeliner is well applied. I make sure though that I look presentable, clean and I smell good. Going to the ladies room, I hardly even stop and stare in the mirror and ponder about how I look. I pee and wash my hands (cos it’s important) and that’s about it. Gee, I’m babbling here. You get the idea.

And so goes my first post. Next one will have more substance. Not really.


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